Aleksandar Petrović

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The world's first UIM certified international instructor.

- Live entertainment shows
- Personal training
- Celebrity training
- Stunts for videos/movies
- Competition training

From 2013 competing exclusively in UIM, world's only jet ski federation recognised by the International Olympic Committee

2016 European Champion
2013 World Championship 3rd place
2013 France Nationals 2nd place
2011 USA AM Champion

First one to perform blindfolded back flip

First one to perform 'Paralyzer' (the most dangerous trick)

First one to perform 'Super Flip' trick on 900cc

Barrel-rolled a car before barrel-rolled a jet ski

Backflips performed: 10,000+

Kids: 2

Stitches on the head: 9

Before freestyle: Raced superbikes and cars